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Join a Regional Group

Regional groups are a great way to start connecting with other people in your area

"In Search of..."

One of the first things people want to do when they join KDR is a post a note somewhere that says "I am looking for..." Regional Groups is the place to do this! 

*Posts looking for a match in Discussions will be removed because they 1) are not an effective way to find a match and 2) clog up the Discussions that are meant for answering questions.

What are Groups?

The Groups feature is a way for people to get together to talk about common interests, or to look for matches in their area. One of the most important ways people use Groups on KDR is to connect with other users in their area.

Find a Group

From the My KDR Menu, go to Groups. There will be a list of groups to choose from. You can filter the list of groups by categories on the left. Regional groups are in location categories, such as United States, UK, etc.

Other Group Categories:

  • Regional - groups by country and region to help people find members in their area
  • Parenting - groups about specific parenting topics, such as LGBT parents, etc.
  • Support - groups on a wide variety of support topics, such as Recipient Discussion or Infertility Support
  • Donot Sibbling - private groups created for all the recipients for a specific donor so they can keep in touch with each other
  • Special Interest - support and discussion groups on a wide variety of topics

Join a Group

Once you find a group for your area, you can join it by clicking on the group link. From the group homepage you will see a link on the right side with the option to join the group. If the group is private, you will have to wait for the group admin to approve it before you get access.

Post a message

Create a new comment in the group with an introduction, and what you are looking for. All group members will get a notification with your message.

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